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100% British Web Design

MouseKnows is a innovative web design company based in Runcorn, Cheshire in the North West of England. Our aim is to provide you the best value web design service with a personal...

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Web Design

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How many times have you done a search for something on Google, picked a site to look at and before the homepage has even finished loading you have made a decision that you...

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Mobile Friendly Websites

Free Your Website

Only a year or two ago the vast majority of people only accessed websites on their desktop or laptop computer, and on the rare occasion they had to access a site on a Mobile...

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Website Design

Mouse Knows designs and builds modern website designs, which will grab the attention of your clients, and keep their attention.

All our website designs can be viewed on both desktop PCs, Laptops and Mobile devices, and will automatically adjust their formatting to suit the device being used. The means no more lost customers because your website looks rubbish on their chosen device.

All our staff are 100% British, and all work is carried out in the UK by in-house staff. Unlike other design companies we NEVER outsource our work to 3rd parties.

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Mobile Websites

For most websites, today over 30% of the visitors they receive will be viewing the site using some kind of mobile device, including iPad, Tablet Computers and Smartphones.

Due to the smaller size and screen resolution of these devices, many websites look awful when viewed on a mobile device.

At Mouse Knows we can take your current website which is ideal for desktop viewing and create a specific mobile version of it, which contains all the main information and pages, but is optimised for easy viewing on a mobile device.

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Domains & Hosting

Having a website design on its own, is like having a car without any petrol or roads to run it on. In other words a website on its will look nice, but be totally useless for your Company.

For a website to be truly useful, it needs three things in addition to the HTML code and graphics which make up the site itself.

At Mouse Knows we provide the 3 elements you need to make your website seen by the world and to give it a professional appearance (Domain Names, Website Hosting and Email Accounts).

All our Website Design and Mobile Friendly Website packages include these 3 elements as standard.

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