Domains, Hosting & Email

Having a website design on its own, is like having a car without any petrol or roads to run it on. In other words a website on its will look nice, but be totally useless for your Company.

For a website to be truly useful, it needs three things in addition to the HTML code and graphics which make up the site itself. These are…

  • A Domain Name – such as or
  • A Hosting Provider – this is in effect a computer which is connected to the internet, whose function is to send the pages of your site to the end user whenever they access your website via their computer or mobile device.
  • Email Accounts – having an email account such as or is fine when it’s for personal use. However, when its for business use, a company who uses an email account on their stationery, vehicle livery or signage such as tends to look less than professional. We can provide any number of email accounts which are linked to your domain, so that you can be contacted by email in a professional manner. Business email accounts such as, or make your Company emails look professional and businesslike.

All our Website Designs and Mobile Friendly Websites include the 3 essentials for a professional business website, and together with a good looking website, it will help take you and your business to the next level.

If you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to provide any advice as required.