Mobile Friendly Websites

Only a year or two ago the vast majority of people only accessed websites on their desktop or laptop computer, and on the rare occasion they had to access a site on a Mobile phone, they simply accepted it would be difficult to use or even read.

Today, it is getting to the stage that for many business sectors, 50% or more of their website’s traffic will come from mobile phones, tablets or other small scale devices. As most of these devices are now connected via WiFi, their users will simply not accept a less than optimal service from the websites they visit, and they will soon leave a website if the only way to view it on a smaller device is to constantly zoom in and out, and scroll madly around.

At Mouse Knows, we know that a business does not always want to redesign its website to be Mobile Friendly, and in such cases we provide a clean solution, where we take the real info from the pages of your website, and create a dedicated mobile version of your site, which contains all the info, but which can be read easily on all smaller devices.

What’s more, your visitors do not need to specifically select the mobile site, when any visitor arrives at your main site, your site will automatically detect the screen resolution of the device they are viewing the website on, and if it is less than the optimal resolution for the site, they will automatically switched over to the mobile friendly version of the site.

On reading, this you may say to yourself, it could be tricky to manage two separate versions of your website, especially if you need to make frequent updates. In such circumstances, we would suggest it may be best to opt for our standard website design service, where all the sites we now create, are what are called responsive designs. This means that there is only 1 version of the site, but the site will dynamically reformat its formatting dependent on  both the screen size being used to view the site, and even the orientation of the device. Therefore, it will always display the same data to all viewers, always in the best possible layout and formatting!

If you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to provide any advice as required.