Why is a Bigger Website a Better Website?

Like many things in live, size matters, but in terms of websites, you may not realise how much the size of your company site really matters.

Many companies are sold websites by web design companies which have just 2 or 3 pages, and these web design companies will tell their clients that for a web presence, such at site is more than sufficient.

Well, that can be true if you’re a company who advertising a lot in newspapers, flyers and other offline methods, because most of your website traffic will come from people who see your advert and type in your web address to see your site. This is great if your company can afford such advertising, but in the current economic climate many companies are cutting back on their advertising budgets, and in such cases their website relies on traffic coming from search engines, primarily Google.

In such cases what people don’t realise is that each and every page on your website is a potential entry point for your site from the search engines, and if your business covers many different fields, having one big Our Services or Our Products page will simply confuse the search engines as they will not ‘know’ what service or product you are really offering.

Therefore, in the ideal world, your website should have one page for each and every service, or product your company offers. That way if someone searches for Service A, they will see your page about Service A higher up on the search results than if your ‘Services Page’ contains details of Service A, Service B, Service C and so on.

The problem here is that with most web design companies, you are charged for each and every page you wish to add to your site, and if your business covers 30 or 40 different types or service or product, it can become very expensive to create a site which contains dedicated pages for each service or product. So at the end of the day, your company just sticks with a 2, 3 or 4 page website, which hardly ever gets any Google traffic, and you end up wondering why?

But Wait…

With Mouse Knows, our standard web design package which costs only £120 includes upto 5 pages which we will build for you, so you have a fully functional website from day 1. However, we also provide you with the functionality to greatly increase the size and scope of your website.

We provide you with an admin system which, amongst other things, will allow you to do all of the following…

  • Add as many new pages to your website as you like.
  • Add these pages to your website menu, and where you have more pages than will simply fit on one line of the menu, you can easily add dropdown menus to make the menu system almost unlimited in scope.
  • Add blog pages with as many blog entries as you like to your site. Each blog entry also has a dedicated page of its own.
  • Add other functionality such as photo galleries or portfolio pages.
  • And of course, once you have created your website, the admin system will also allow you to update its contents so that your site is always showing up-to-date info for your company.

Basically at the end of the day, we charge only £120 for a full 5 page website, but once live, if you want to add to it, there are effectively no limits to the size of site you can create.

This means that as mentioned above, the bigger the site, the better, so if you’re serious about having a great site for your business, why stick with a 1, 2 or 5 page site, go with Mouse Knows where you can get the site your business deserves!