Why Mouse Knows Should Build Your WordPress Website?

When designing and building a company website there are many different ways to approach the task.

At Mouse Knows, we would suggest that for most clients, that we create their website using WordPress as the tool of choice.

WordPress started its life as a simple blogging system, but it had grown beyond all recognition into a major platform which will allow the creation of almost any kinds of site, including…

  • Standard Company Websites
  • Portfolio Based Websites for businesses such as Builders, Property Developers, Manufacturers…
  • Photo Gallery Based Websites for companies such as Tour Operators, Photographers, Digital Artists…
  • eCommerce Based Websites for the creation of Online Shops
  • And even Blog based systems, as per the originators of WordPress’ first goal.

This brings both advantages and disadvantages to the playing field.

Firstly, it allows anyone to create a powerful website, with relatively little experience of website or programming. But it has the major disadvantage, that although relatively straightforward in its approach, it still needs the person building a WordPress site to have knowledge of the following…

  • Web Databases
  • Website Hosting
  • Domain Names
  • Installation and Configuration of WordPress Themes
  • …and much more.

This means that many people are encouraged to create their own WordPress site by the blurb on the main WordPress website, but when they get into things, they find themselves bogged down in all the technicalities of setting up the MySQL database, then if they get through that quagmire, they have to find a suitable theme (after probably going through several, as most are far from ideal), learn the oddities of their theme, and then build their website.

This process can take days or weeks of effort, and without prior knowledge of WordPress, it can often result in both a less than ideal looking website, and an awful lot of wasted time, where a business owner is spending time trying to understand WordPress instead of building their own business.

This is where Mouse Knows comes in. We have over 12 years of website development using conventional HTML and PHP programming, and several years of WordPress experience.

This means we can take all the hard work out of building your WordPress website, including…

  • Help you select a suitable, high quality, premium WordPress theme for your website, avoiding the pitfalls of cheap and frankly rubbish free themes.
  • Provide and setup the database and website hosting required for your website.
  • Install WordPress and your chosen theme onto the web server.
  • Setup your website (upto 5 pages within our standard package).
  • Make your website live against your domain and setup upto 2 email accounts against your domain.

One this is done, we will also provide you with a password protected admin area where you can manage your website, and do the following…

  • Add new pages to your website, so you can make your website as big as you like.
  • Add blog entries onto your website, again as many as you like.
  • Update page or blog entries, as often as you like.
  • Implement additional specialised pages onto your website including…
    • Photo Gallery Pages
    • Portfolio Pages
    • Additional Blog Pages or Categories
    • eCommerce Functionality (dependent on theme chosen)

This means, that unlike conventional website design, where once a site has been built and make live by your web designer, you are stuck with it unless you wish to pay more, for more pages or even page edits. With Mouse Knows, once your WordPress website it live, you can add to it and update it to your hearts content, and over time build the website your company deserves, without worrying about how much extra it will cost you.

Our standard WordPress web design package costs only £120, so why wait, or worst still waste your time trying to build a WordPress site yourself, when we could do the job for you. What’s more, if you have all the info available, we can usually get your site all done and dusted within about a week!